TrackMan Analysis

The state-of-the-art TrackMan launch monitor technology being utilized each week on the PGA and LPGA Tours is available through Brian Llewellyn.

TrackMan is a revolutionary piece of technology that provides serious golfers with incredible information and feedback. It enables golfers to get specific answers regarding their equipment and ball choice as well as to discover their precise carry yardages for all clubs.


AMM 3D Biomechanics

AMM (Advanced Motion Measurement) is a I use to measure the biomechanics of the golf swing. Wireless, electromagnetic sensors are attached to the body to track the body’s energy and movement during a swing. It uses 3D technology to look for joint and muscle imbalances, energy transfer, speed, and movement so I can develop a customized improvement plan for each player.

Boditrak Pressure Mat

Boditrak Pressure Mat is a toll used to find your center of pressure during a swing.

I used this advanced technology to better understand and therefore improve your swing path and weight distribution.